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National Businesses
    Featured listings:
     1.   Recreational Property- 327 acres with 22 acre lake     $872,000     Pending              
     2.   Laundromat in central KY           
       3. Two fast food drive thru only 
           restaurants in Tennessee                                           $599,000  
             4. Casual Theme Restaurant                                           $250,000
             5. Publication Business                                                     $449,000
              6. Bingo Hall- Elilzabethtown/Racliff                                $225,000
                 with concessions revenue stream
             7.  Restaurant/Bar/Bowling Alley                                      $175,000
              8. Day Care Center/w Real Estate                                 $775,000          
              9. Turn-key catering location                                           $99,000
              10. Mobile Cafe                                                                $14,999
              11. E-commerce business                                                $29,000
              12.Jewelry store in central KY                                        $75,000

Caribbean Businesses

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